Commercial Dance is a fusion of styles combining Contemporary and Modern dance, upbeat Jazz, Voguing elements and Hip Hop moves. The students are encouraged to use their creativity and practice their leadership skills through creating and teaching their own choreography.






In 2019 we introduced Drama classes to MCA Dance Studio. The idea has naturally developed from observing some of our students and wanting them to explore these areas. The classes are incorporated into the schedule with the option to enrol your child into both Dance and Drama as the classes are run consecutively in age groups.


Unlike typical children’s acting classes, most of which focus on preparation for a single performance, the 60 minute class is a fun and developmental curriculum that ensures happy and successful students. Each class features several activities focusing on speech development, creative movement, and a wide variety of primary activities, which include whole class plays, mini-snippets, scene starters, small group improvisations, and much more.